By default, the PingDirectory server retains replicas for every server that has been part of a given topology. Over time, this can lead to an accumulation of obsolete replicas in your topology, which can increase the complexity of replication and negatively impact reliability.

To purge these obsolete replicas by default, you can set the replication-purge-obsolete-replicas global configuration property to true.


If you set replication-purge-obsolete-replicas to true, you must make this change on all server replicas, including new replicas as they are added. Failure to do so could cause replicated servers to communicate an inconsistent state across the topology. An inconsistent state can lead to a replication-missing-changes alert and a server lockdown because of the missing replication changes.

  • To set replication-purge-obsolete-replicas to true, run dsconfig set-global-configuration-prop, as in the following example:
    bin/dsconfig set-global-configuration-prop \
        --set replication-purge-obsolete-replicas:true