If there is a count for the No Match Found statistic using the status tool, verify the problem in the sync log. For example, if the status tool displays the following:

           --- Ops Completed for 'DS1 to DS2' Sync Pipe ---
Op Result              : Count
Success                : 0
Out Of Scope           : 0
Op Type Not Synced     : 0
No Change Needed       : 0 
Entry Already Exists   : 1 
No Match Found         : 1 
Multiple Matches Found : 0 
Failed During Mapping  : 0 
Failed At Resource     : 0 
Unexpected Exception   : 0 
Total                  : 2

Verify the change in the <server-root>/logs/sync file to see the specific operation:

[12/May/2016:10:30:45 -0500] category=SYNC severity=MILD_WARNING
op=4159648 changeNumber=6648922 replicationCSN=4beadaf4002f21150000
ou=test,dc=example,dc=com pipe="DS1 to DS2" class="Others" msg="Detected
'uid=1234,ou=test,dc=example,dc=com' at ldap://server1.example.com:389, but
DELETE this entry at the destination because no matching entries were found at
server2.example.com:389. Details: Search using [search-criteria dn:
uid=1234,ou=test,dc=alu,dc=com filter: (nsUniqueId=3a324c60-5ddb11df-80ffe681-
717b93af) attrsToGet: [*, accountNumber, dn, entryuuid, mobile, nsUniqueId,
Class]] returned no results."

Perform the following steps to fix the issue:

  1. Test the search using the filter in the error message, if displayed. For example, if the sync log specifies filter: (nsUniqueId=3a324c60-5ddb11df-80ffe681-717b93af), use the ldapsearch tool to test the filter. If it is successful, is there anything in the attribute mappings that would exclude this from working properly?
  2. Test the search using the full distinguished name (DN) as the base. For example, use ldapsearch with the full DN (uid=1234,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com). If it is successful, does the entry contain the attribute used in the mapping rule? If the attribute is not in the entry, determine if there is a reason why this value was not synchronized. Look at the attribute mappings and the filters used in the Sync Classes.