This topic applies only to the PingDirectory server.

While the server is running, it generates a significant amount of information available through monitor entries. Monitor entries are available over LDAP in the cn=monitor subtree. The types of monitor entries that are available include:

  • General Monitor Entry (cn=monitor) – Provides a basic set of general information about the server.
  • Active Operations Monitor Entry (cn=Active Operations,cn=monitor) – Provides information about all operations currently in progress in the server.
  • Backend Monitor Entries (cn={id} Backend,cn=monitor) – Provides information about the backend, including the number of entries, the base DN(s), and whether it is private.
  • Client Connections Monitor Entry (cn=Client Connections,cn=monitor) – Provides information about all connections currently established to the server.
  • Connection Handler Monitor Entry (cn={name},cn=monitor) – Provides information about the configuration of each connection handler and the client connections established to it.
  • Database Environment Monitor Entries (cn={id} Database Environment,cn=monitor) – Provides statistics and other data from the Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition database envi- ronment used by the associated backend.
  • Disk Space Usage Monitor Entry (cn=Disk Space Usage,cn=monitor) – Provides information about the amount of usable disk space available to server components.
  • JVM Memory Usage Monitor Entry (cn=JVM Memory Usage,cn=monitor) – Provides information about garbage collection activity, the amount of memory available to the server, and the amount of memory consumed by various server components.
  • JVM Stack Trace Monitor Entry (cn=JVM Stack Trace,cn=monitor) – Provides a stack trace of all threads in the JVM.
  • LDAP Statistics Monitor Entries (cn={name} Statistics,cn=monitor) – Provides information about the number of each type of operation requested and bytes transferred over the connection handler.
  • Processing Time Histogram Monitor Entry (cn=Processing Time Histogram,cn=monitor) – Provides information about the number of percent of operations that completed in various response time categories.
  • SSL Context Monitor Entry (cn=SSL Context,cn=monitor) – Provides information about the available and supported SSL Cipher Suites and Protocols on the server.
  • System Information Monitor Entry (cn=System Information,cn=monitor) – Provides information about the underlying JVM and system.
  • Version Monitor Entry (cn=Version,cn=monitor) – Provides information about the server version.
  • Work Queue Monitor Entry (cn=Work Queue,cn=monitor) – Provides information about the state of the server's work queue, including the number of operations waiting on worker threads and the number of operations that have been rejected because the queue became full.