The following procedure configures a backend set of directory servers. The procedure is the same for the source servers and the destination servers in a synchronization topology. For directory server installation and configuration details, see the PingDirectory Server Administration Guide.
  1. On each backend PingDirectory server that will participate in synchronization, enable the change log database, either from the command line or by using a dsconfig batch file.
    $ dsconfig --no-prompt set-backend-prop \
      --backend-name changelog \
      --set enabled:true
  2. Stop the server if it is running, and import the dataset for the first backend set into the first server in the backend set before the import.
    $ bin/stop-server
    $ bin/import-ldif --backendID userRoot --ldifFile ../dataset.ldif
    $ bin/start-server
  3. On the first server instance in the first backend set, configure replication between this server and the second server in the same backend set.
    $ bin/dsreplication enable --host1 \
      --port1 389 \
      --bindDN1 "cn=Directory Manager" \
      --bindPassword1 password \
      --replicationPort1 8989 \
      --host2 \
      --port2 389 \
      --bindDN2 "cn=Directory Manager" \
      --bindPassword2 password \
      --replicationPort2 9989 \
      --adminUID admin \
      --adminPassword admin \
      --baseDN dc=example,dc=com \
  4. Initialize the second server in the backend set with data from the first server in the backend set. This command can be run from either instance.
    $ bin/dsreplication initialize \
      --hostSource \
      --portSource 389 \
      --hostDestination \
      --portDestination 389 \
      --baseDN "dc=example,dc=com" \
      --adminUID admin \
      --adminPassword admin \
  5. Run the following command to check replica status.
    $ bin/dsreplication status \
      --hostname \
      --port 389 \
      --adminPassword admin \
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 (import, enable replication, initialize replication, check status) for the second backend set.