In a typical deployment, one PingDataSync server and one or more redundant failover servers are configured. Primary and secondary servers must have the same configuration settings to ensure proper operation. To enable this, assign all servers to a server group using the dsconfig tool. Any change to one server will automatically be applied to the other servers in the group.

Run the dsconfig command and set the global configuration property for server groups to all-servers. On the primary PingDataSync server, run the following command:

$ bin/dsconfig set-global-configuration-prop \
  --set configuration-server-group:all-servers

Updates to servers in the group are made using the --applyChangeTo server-group option of the dsconfig command. To apply the change to one server in the group, use the --applyChangeTo single-server option. If additional servers are added to the topology, the setup tool will copy the configuration from the primary server to the new servers.