The config-diff tool is useful for comparing configuration settings on the server instance when troubleshooting issues or when verifying configuration settings on newly-added servers. The tool can interact with the local configuration regardless of whether the server is running.

  • To generate a summary of configuration components, run config-diff
    $ bin/config-diff generates a summary of a local online server.
  • To generate a comparison of the current configuration with the pre-installation configuration, run the following.
    $ bin/config-diff --sourceLocal \
      --sourceBaseline \
      --targetLocal \
      --exclude differs-after-install \
      --outputFile configuration-steps.dsconfig

    This comparison ignores any changes that could be made by the installer and writes the output to a file called configuration-steps.dsconfig.

    You can use this file as the basis for a script to configure a new server identical to the local server.

  • To view other available tool options, run config-diff --help.