Run the following commands to configure Splunk to receive StatsD metrics.

  1. Sign on to your Splunk dashboard at
  2. Go to Settings > Data Inputs.
  3. Under Local inputs, click UDP.
  4. Click New Local UDP.
  5. Enter the following information:
  6. Click Next.
  7. Set Source type to Metrics > statsd.
  8. Create a new metrics index for the input. Make a note of the index name you choose.
  9. Set the App Context to PingDirectory App for Splunk.
  10. Click Review.
  11. Click Submit.
    Note: StatsD metrics are typically sent over UDP. Using UDP, the client sending metrics does not have to block as it would if using TCP. However, using TCP guarantees order and ensures no metrics are lost. To more securely send metrics to Splunk, you can first send your StatsD metrics to a Splunk Universal Forwarder, and have the forwarder communicate with Splunk over SSL