PingDataSync provides the update tool for upgrades to the server code, including the PSA. The upgrade does not require a restart, because the core password filter is already running under LSA. The upgrade replaces the implementation binaries, which are encapsulated from the password filter DLL.

To uninstall the PSA on the Active Directory (AD) system, use Add/Remove Programs on the Windows Control Panel. The implementation DLL will be unloaded, and the database and log files are deleted. Only the binaries remain.

The core password filter will still be running under the LSA process. It imposes zero overhead on the domain controller, because the implementation DLL has been unloaded. To remove the password filter itself (located at C:\WINDOWS\System32\ubidPassFilt.dll), restart the computer. On restart, the password filter and implementation binaries (in the install folder) can be deleted.


The PSA cannot be reinstalled without another reboot.