To preserve important troubleshooting and support information, PingDirectory Server logs dsreplication subcommand executions, grouped by name, in the logs/tools directory. By default, the server retains the output from the last 10 executions for each subcommand (such as status, enable, and initialize). You can use these logs to review or troubleshoot the execution of a specific subcommand within the retention window.


The retention policy for these logs is not configurable.

If a dsreplication subcommand returns a non-standard result code, such as in the event of an error, the server generates a special log file:

  • Published to the logs/tools directory
  • Named according to the result code and timestamp of the execution
  • Compressed and retained indefinitely

Check these logs first to more quickly and effectively determine a root cause.


These non-standard logs should be created by the server infrequently and contain valuable information for support technicians. Don’t delete these files unless necessary. When you run the collect-support-data tool, it generates a support package that includes all non-standard logs and the six most recent logs for each subcommand.