PingDataSync provides an advanced Sync Pipe configuration property, filter-changes-by-user, which performs access control filtering on a changelog entry for a specific user.

Since the changelog entry contains data from the target entry, the access controls filter out attributes that the user does not have the privileges to see before it is returned. For example, values in the changes, ds-changelog-before-values, ds-changelog-after-values, ds-changelog-entry-key-attr-values, and deletedEntryAttrs are filtered out through access control instructions.


This property is only available for notification mode and can be configured using the create-sync-pipe-config or dsconfig commands.

The source server must be a PingDirectory server or Nokia 8661 Directory Server, or a PingDirectoryProxy server or Nokia 8661 Directory Proxy Server that points to a PingDirectory server or Nokia 8661 Directory Server.