If you have removed a defunct server and want to keep it as a standalone server, then you also need to run the remove-defunct-server --performLocalCleanup command on the defunct server while it is offline. This will remove all topology configuration references on the offline server, and make it a standalone server. This is useful if a server is temporarily misbehaving, but you want to add it back to the topology at a later time. The remove-defunct-server command will only accept the --performLocalCleanup argument if the server is offline.
  • Run the remove-defunct-server command on each server that is removed from the topology. For example:
    $ bin/remove-defunct-server --performLocalCleanup --no-prompt

    To remove the defunct server, you must include the --no-prompt parameter. If you exclude this parameter, the server won't be removed from the topology. Additionally, the server might attempt to contact additional hosts in the topology, which could result in an error. These are known issues that only apply to --performLocalCleanup and will be corrected in a future release.