If an attempt to start the server fails with an error message indicating that no valid Java environment could be found, or indicates that the Java environment could not be started with the configured set of options, then you should first ensure that enough memory is available on the system as described above. If there is a sufficient amount of memory available, then other causes for this error can include the following:

  • The Java installation that was previously used to run the server no longer exists (for example, an updated Java environment was installed and the old installation was removed). In that case, update the config/java.properties file to reference to path to the new Java installation and run the bin/dsjavaproperties command to apply that change.
  • The Java installation used to run the server has been updated and the server is trying to use the correct Java installation but one or more of the options that had worked with the previous Java version no longer work with the new version. In that case, it is recommended that the server be re-configured to use the previous Java version, so that it can be run while investigating which options should be used with the new installation.
  • If an UNBOUNDID_JAVA_HOME or UNBOUNDID_JAVA_BIN environment variable is set, then its value might override the path to the Java installation used to run the server as defined in the config/java.properties file. Similarly, if an UNBOUNDID_JAVA_ARGS environment variable is set, then its value might override the arguments provided to the JVM. If this is the case, then explicitly unset the UNBOUNDID_JAVA_HOME, UNBOUNDID_JAVA_BIN, and UNBOUNDID_JAVA_ARGS environment variables before trying to start the server.
Note that any time the config/java.properties file is updated, the bin/dsjavaproperties tool must be run to apply the new configuration. If a problem with the previous Java configuration prevents the bin/dsjavaproperties tool from running properly, then it can be necessary to remove the lib/set-java-home script (or lib\set-java-home.bat file on Microsoft Windows) and invoke the bin/dsjavaproperties tool with an explicitly-defined path to the Java environment, like:
env UNBOUNDID_JAVA_HOME=/ds/java bin/dsjavaproperties