The max-failover-error-code-frequency property (part of the Sync Source configuration) specifies the maximum time period that an error code can re-appear until it fails over to another server instance. This property allows the retry logic to be tuned, so that retries can be performed once on the same server before giving up and trying another server. The value can be set to zero if there is no acceptable error code frequency and failover should happen immediately. It can also be set to a very small value (such as 10 ms) if a high frequency of error codes is tolerable. The default value is three minutes.

To change the max-failover-error-code-frequency property, use dsconfig in non-interactive mode to change the property on the Sync Source object. The following command changes the frequency from three minutes to two minutes.

$ bin/dsconfig set-sync-source-prop \
  --source-name source1 \
  --set "max-failover-error-code-frequency:2 m"