The default session timeout for the administrative console is 24 hours. You can adjust your session length to suit your organization's needs.


When the session duration is exceeded, all inactive users are logged off automatically.

To change the default session timeout value:

  1. To configure the server.sessionTimeout application parameter, which specifies the timeout duration in seconds, set the value as an init parameter either in the console or on the command line:
    • Use the administrative console:
      1. Ensure that the Show Advanced Configuration check box is selected.

        A screen capture of the administrative console configuration screen with the Show Advanced Configuration check box selected.
      2. In the Web Services and Applications list, select Web Application Extensions.
      3. In the Web Application Extension list, select Console.
      4. In the Init Parameter field, enter the desired timeout duration value in seconds.
      5. Click Save.
    • Use the command line to run the following:
      dsconfig set-web-application-extension-prop --no-prompt \ 
      	--extension-name Console \
      	--add init-parameter:server.sessionTimeout=<value in seconds>
  2. To save your changes, restart the HTTP Connection Handler or the server:
    • Restart the HTTP Connection Handler:
      dsconfig set-connection-handler-prop \
          --handler-name "<HTTPS Connection Handler>" \
          --set enabled:false
      dsconfig set-connection-handler-prop \
          --handler-name "<HTTPS Connection Handler>" \
          --set enabled:true
    • Restart the server using bin/stop-server with the -R or --restart option:
      bin/stop-server --restart