Identity Store Provisioners may be written with an option allowing administrators to add to the core group attributes the plugin instance requires. Both the core and extended group attributes you define here must be mapped when you configure “Write Groups” within an inbound provisioning connection.


To keep your plugin flexible across multiple connections (assuming a one-to-one connection-to-identity store provider setup), you might want to hard code a set of “core attributes” for all connections to fulfill, and then “extend” attributes on as needed when a partner connection depends on additional attributes.


If this is a child instance, select the override check box to modify the configuration.

  • To add an attribute, enter the attribute name in the text box and click Add.
  • To modify an attribute name or masking selection, follow these steps:
    1. Click Edit under Action for the attribute.
    2. Make the change and click Update.

      If you change your mind, ensure that you click Cancel under Action.

  • To delete an attribute, click Delete under Action for the attribute.