An attribute contract is a set of user attributes that you and your partner have agreed will be sent in a SCIM response for this connection. The attributes you mapped to user account attributes in the Write Users flow appear under Attribute Contract.

Attribute Contract

Click Available SCIM Attributes near the lower-left corner of the screen to include additional attributes you want to map in the SCIM response.

Optionally, you can mask the values of attributes in the log files that PingFederate writes when it sends the SCIM response.

There are several SCIM attributes that are managed internally by PingFederate and are unavailable for inclusion in the attribute contract:
  • id
  • active
  • To add an attribute, enter the attribute name in the text box, select the check box under Mask Values in Log as needed, and click Add.

    Attribute names are case-sensitive and must correspond to the attribute names expected by your partner. To see a list of available attributes, click Available SCIM attributes.

  • To modify an attribute name or masking selection, click Edit under Action for the attribute, make the change, and click Update.

    If you change your mind, ensure that you click Cancel under Actions, not the Cancel button, which discards any other changes you might have made in the configuration steps.

  • To delete an attribute, click Delete under Action for the attribute.