The navigational and control buttons at the bottom of the administrative console screen change depending on where you are in the configuration process. The following table describes the behavior of these buttons:

Button Description
Save Stores information for all steps completed for the current task or any changes made for the current step; returns to the screen from the which the task or step was accessed.This button is available only when the Save operation is valid within the current context.
Done Marks as complete all steps for a current task, but does not save the configuration (because further tasks or steps are necessary); to save entries or changes, click Save (or continue the configuration until you see a Save button). When creating a new connection, click Save Draft (see below).
Save Draft Stores a new connection configuration for all steps completed up to the current screen in the configuration flow. To return to the draft, click Manage All under SP or IdP Connections and then select the draft from the connection list.
Cancel Returns to the screen from which the current task was accessed; discards any information newly entered or modified for all steps in the task.
Previous Returns to the previous step (when applicable).
Next Moves display forward to the next step (when applicable), if all required information is complete in the current step.

Do not use the browser's Back, Refresh, or Forward buttons. Instead, always use the navigation buttons, Previous, Next, or Done.