The PingFederate administrative console is built around a system of wizard-like control screens, in which you configure various settings and components to support your federation use cases. The administrative console offers multiple menu choices:

  • Identity Provider
  • Service Provider
  • OAuth Server
  • Security
  • System
A sample of the Service Provider menu
A sample of the Service Provider menu

The menu choices and menu items vary with the federation roles that PingFederate plays (see Choosing roles and protocols). Menu items also depend on the permissions assigned to the logged-on administrator (see Administrative accounts).


The administrative console manages the following runtime functions:

  • Performs periodic configuration archive backup
  • Cleans expired persistent authentication sessions
  • Cleans expired access grants
  • Updates connections from metadata URLs (including PingOne SP connections if configured) and sends email notifications
  • Performs automatic rotation of signing certificates if enabled

If you prefer not to keep the administrative console running to perform these tasks, you can create your own process to manage them.