In this step, create and configure an instance of the PingID® Password Credential Validator (PCV).

  1. Go to the System > Password Credential Validators screen, and then click Create New Instance.
  2. On the Type screen, select PingID PCV (with integrated RADIUS server) from the list and provide a name and an ID for it.
  3. On the Instance Configuration screen, configure the required fields as follows.
    1. Click Add a new row to 'RADIUS Clients', enter as the RADIUS IP address and a value in the Client Shared Secret field, and then click Update.
      Tip: represents the local RADIUS client (the PingFederate administrative console), which calls the RADIUS server bundled in the PingID PCV for authentication.

      The Client Shared Secret value is required for the next task.

    2. Click Add a new row to 'Delegate PCV's', select the previously created LDAP Username Credential Validator instance, and then click Update.
    3. Open the previously downloaded file in a text editor, copy its content, and then close the file.
    4. Scroll down to the end of the Instance Configuration screen, and then paste the content from the file into the PingID Properties File text field.
    5. Review the rest of the default settings. Modify as needed to meet your requirements.
  4. On the Extended Contract screen, click Next to skip to the Summary screen.
  5. On the Summary screen, review the configuration, modify as needed, and then save the configuration.