These endpoints provide a means, via standard HTTP, by which external applications can communicate with the PingFederate server.

The SSO and SLO endpoints for an IdP and an SP include optional parameters which you can use to specify error pages that users see in the event of an SSO or SLO failure. By default, PingFederate provides templates for these and other errors or conditions (see Customizable user-facing screens).

SP endpoints also include those available for SCIM inbound provisioning (see Provisioning for SPs).

For either SP or IdP servers, a maintenance endpoint is also provided for administrators to verify that the server is running. Endpoints applicable to both server roles also include those needed for adapter-to-adapter mapping (see Adapter-to-adapter mappings) and retrieval of WS-Trust metadata (see WSC and WSP support).

PingFederate provides a favorite icon for all Application Endpoints. For more information, see Customizing the favicon for application and protocol endpoints.