This type of error checking occurs whenever you access certain supporting components, such as the Adapters screen, the Token Processors screen, the Token Generators screen, the Password Credential Validators screen, and the Identity Store Provisioners screen.

As the number of connections and supporting components increases, so does the validation time. If you experience noticeable delays in accessing adapters, token translators, password credential validators, or identity store provisioner, you can turn off automatic connection validation.


When automatic connection validation is turned off, error checking is deferred until you access the connection lists on the administrative console. While you are free to make configuration changes without being prompted to fix all dependency errors immediately, keep in mind that the configuration changes could potentially introduce service disruption.

For example, if you remove an attribute that has been configured as a source-attribute in an attribute fulfillment configuration in a connection (or connections), users will not be able to complete SSO requests until you reconfigure such connection (or connections). When you access the Connections screen, if the administrative console detects one or more dependency error conditions, it displays a visual cue to indicate the errors. To resolve each error, select the applicable connection and follow the on-screen instructions to modify the configuration that requires your attention.

This setting does not affect the validation of a connection as it is being configured or modified. Moreover, individual connections are always validated automatically when you access them on the Connections screen, regardless of the configuration of this setting.

You manage this setting on the Identity Provider > SP Connections screen or the Service Provider > IdP Connections screen.

  • To turn off automatic multi-connection error checking, click Show Advanced Fields and the select the Disable Automatic Connection Validation check box.
    This check box is not selected by default.

    Once selected or cleared, the state of this setting is reflected on both the Identity Provider > SP Connections screen and the Service Provider > IdP Connections screen.