PingFederate lightweight, standalone architecture means you can receive the benefits of standards-based SSO and API security integration without the cost and complexity of deploying a complete identity management (IdM) system. The PingFederate server integrates and coexists with existing home-grown and commercial IdM systems and applications, using these key features available separately from Ping Identity.

Integration kits

PingFederate provides a suite of integration kits to complete the first- and last-mile integration with your existing IdM systems and web applications. PingFederate integration kits are available for download from the Ping Identity Downloads website, take only minutes to install, and are configured from within the PingFederate administrative console.

Multiple security-domain, multi-protocol federation

Integration kits enable rapid session integration with both existing authentication services and target applications. In addition, PingFederate includes a Software Development Kit for creating custom integrations.

For more information, see SSO integration kits and adapters.

Token translators

Ping Identity offers special token processors (for an IdP) and token generators (for an SP) to enable the WS-Trust STS to validate and issue a variety of token types. These plug-ins, which supplement built-in SAML token processing and generation, are designed to handle local identity tokens required in a variety of security contexts.

For more information, see Token processors and generators.

SaaS connectors

SaaS connectors offer a streamlined approach for browser-based SSO to selected SaaS providers, including automatic user provisioning and deprovisioning (see Outbound provisioning for IdPs). The Connector packages (available separately) include quick-connection templates, which automatically configure endpoints and other connection information for each provider.

Cloud identity connectors

Ping Identity offers social identity integration with social networking sites. The OpenID cloud-identity connector leverages OpenID 2.0 social networking providers (including Google and Yahoo!) for registration and access to cloud-based applications. Connectors for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook leverage user logins for registration and access to cloud-based applications.

About PingOne

PingOne® for Enterprise is a cloud-based identity as a service (IDaaS) framework for secure identity access management. Integrating PingOne for Enterprise with PingFederate provides a powerful solution combining the benefits of an on-premise deployment with the flexibility of a cloud solution.

For more information on PingOne, please visit