If you use PingDirectory , or another directory, to store OAuth client records for PingFederate, the following attributes must be indexed.

Attribute name Index type
pf-oauth-client-id equality
pf-oauth-client-id ordering
pf-oauth-client-id substring
pf-oauth-client-name equality
pf-oauth-client-name ordering
pf-oauth-client-name substring
pf-oauth-client-last-modified ordering

Use PingDirectory's dsconfig utility to create these indexes. The dsconfig utility is interactive. You can also provide inputs as command arguments. For example, the following sample creates the three indexes for the pf-oauth-client-id attribute:

$ bin/dsconfig create-local-db-index \
  --backend-name userRoot \
  --index-name pf-oauth-client-id \
  --set index-type:equality \
  --set index-type:ordering \
  --set index-type:substring

After adding the indexes, use the rebuild-index utility to build the indexes. For instance, the following sample builds the required indexes.

$ bin/rebuild-index \
  --baseDN "dc=example,dc=com" \
  --index pf-oauth-client-id \
  --index pf-oauth-client-name \
  --index pf-oauth-client-last-modified

For more information, see Working with Indexes in the PingDirectory Administration Guide .