The PingFederate SDK directory (<pf_install>/pingfederate/sdk) contains the following:

  • plugin-src/ – The directory where you place your custom plugin projects. This directory also contains example plugin implementations showing a wide range of functionality. You may use these examples for developing your own implementations.
  • doc/ – Contains the SDK Javadocs. Open index.html to get started.
  • lib/ – Contains libraries used for compiling and deploying custom components into PingFederate.
  • – This file contains properties used by the Ant build script, build.xml, to compile and deploy your custom components. Do not modify this file; use to override any properties, if needed.
  • – Allows you to specify which project you want to build and define properties specific to your environment. The main use of this file is declaring the project you want to build.
  • build.xml – The Ant build script used to compile, build, and deploy your component. This file should not need modification.