To authenticate using an OTP, you need to pair your mobile device with the PingID mobile app. If your mobile device is offline, you can only use an OTP to authenticate if you have authenticated successfully online at least once. Learn more in Pairing PingID mobile app (using a QR code or pairing key).

When you open the PingID app, it generates a new 6-digit OTP and displays a countdown timer showing when the current OTP is due to expire. Each OTP is unique, is valid for a limited time period, and can only be used once.

  • The OTP is refreshed at regular time intervals. Always use the current OTP displayed on PingID mobile app.
  • If your organization's policy requires it, you might need to wait until the push notification sent to your mobile device times out before you can enter the OTP in the authentication window.

An image showing the process of using the PingID generated one-time passcode received on a mobile device to sign on and authenticate for access to your account and applications on a desktop
  1. Sign on to your account or device, or access the application that requires authentication.

    You'll see the Authenticating window.

    Authenticating screen, showing an authentication request has been sent to your phone, and the system is awaiting a response. The Use Code button and the Change Device button is also shown.
  2. In the Authentication window, if you don't receive a push notification telling you to authenticate, either click Use Codeor wait until the push notification timeout occurs on your mobile device.

    You are asked to enter an OTP.

    A screen capture of the Authentication window requesting the one-time passcode entry to use to authenticate.
  3. On your mobile device, open the PingID mobile app to view the current OTP. The OTP refreshes at regular intervals.