You can choose to enable notifications from PingID mobile app when the Do Not Disturb settings on your mobile device are set to Priority Only. If you need to temporarily disable notifications, do so from your PingID mobile app settings.


These settings apply to Android 6.x and later.

  1. On your Android device, go to Settings > Notifications, and then tap PingID.
  2. If required, select from the following notification options:
    Block all Never show notifications from this app. If selected, you will not be notified when you are required to authenticate.

    If selected, you can't choose another option.

    Show silently If selected, your device will not make a sound, vibrate, or peek notifications into view when a notification is received.
    On the lock screen Choose what happens on the lock screen if your device is locked when a notification is received. Tap to select from:
    Show all notification content
    Show all notifications and their content on the lock screen.
    Hide sensitive notification content
    Show a notification has arrived, but hide the content.
    Don't show notifications at all
    Hide all notifications.
    Override Do Not Disturb Select if you want to show PingID mobile app notifications and allow notification interruptions, even when you set your Do Not Disturb settings to Priority Only.