The option to pair your account with this device type is defined by your company policy.

Before you can start using your YubiKey to authenticate, you need to register or 'pair' it with your account. Pairing creates a trust between the YubiKey and your account so that you can use the YubiKey to authenticate during the sign-on process.

You can use a YubiKey to access your account using a Web browser, to access your company's VPN, or to access a Windows login or Mac login machine.

  • This section details how to use your YubiKey OTP for authentication with PingID. It is also possible to pair some types of YubiKey as a security key for the added security benefits of FIDO2 authentication. If you're not sure whether to pair your device as a YubiKey or a security key, then check with your organization's helpdesk representative before you pair it.
  • See for a list compatible YubiKey models.