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PingID End User Guide
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If your Android device supports FIDO2 biometrics, you can use the built-in biometrics in your Android to authenticate with PingID for a secure sign-on experience. To set up your Android device for secure authentication with PingID, you need to register or 'pair' it with your account.

You can use Android biometrics to access your account or apps using a web browser.


PingID mobile app using biometrics (fingerprint, face, or iris authentication) and Biometric web authentication for Android are different methods of authentication:

  • PingID mobile app: Allows you to authenticate when accessing your account from various different devices. Requires you to install PingID mobile app on your mobile device and to pair it with your account.
  • Biometrics authentication: Allows you to authenticate using your Android device's built-in biometrics, when signing on to your account without downloading an app. You can only sign on to your account from the same device with which you want to authenticate.

Pairing your Android biometrics device

To set up biometrics authentication on your Android, you need to register or 'pair' your device with PingID.

You'll need to:

  • Make sure your device supports FIDO2 biometrics.
  • Set up biometric authentication on your accessing device (such as registering your fingerprints). Follow the manufacturer's guidelines to do so.
  • Ensure you are using a browser that supports the use of FIDO2 biometrics, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and that you have the latest version of the browser.

    Follow the instructions below to set up biometrics authentication on your device. The following example is for Android devices.