To authenticate manually you need the following:

A device with the PingID mobile app 1.8 or later that is already paired with your account and with which you have successfully authenticated at least once.

You will not be asked to authenticate manually often, but be aware that authenticating manually is different than the normal sign on process.

  1. Sign on to your VPN.

    A screen capture of a sample VPN sign on page.
    A Manual Authentication message appears, displaying a 12-digit key, and requests that you authenticate manually.
  2. From your mobile device, open the PingID mobile app.
  3. Tap the Gear icon () and select Manual Auth. Authenticate with your device biometrics, if required.

    A screen capture of the PingID mobile app menu with the Manual Auth option selected.
    The Manual Authentication screen opens.
    A screen capture of the Manual Authentication screen with the Enter Key button.
  4. Tap Enter Key.
  5. In the Security Key field, enter the 12-digit key displayed on the VPN sign on page, and tap Verify.

    A screen capture of the Manual Authentication window requesting the 12-digit key in the Security Key field.
    You receive an authentication code.
    A screen capture of the Authentication Code that is generated in the PingID mobile app.
  6. In the VPN Response field, enter the Authentication Code. Click Sign In.
    You are successfully authenticated and signed on to your VPN.