What is identity verification?

Identity verification enables you to prove your identity digitally by sharing verifiable information, such as a live selfie and a government-issued ID.

An organization might ask you to verify your identity as part of their employee onboarding process. You might also be asked to verify your identity if you forgot your password or as part of the account recovery process if your authenticating device was lost or stolen.

Using a series of verification steps, PingID enables you to prove your identity to your employer, so you don’t need to be physically present to present your proof of identity.

Typically, the employer that’s asking you to verify your identity will give you a QR code to scan with your mobile device or to access from an SMS message. They’ll ask you to download PingID mobile app to scan the QR code or enter the SMS code.

When you scan the QR code, you’ll need to do one or more of the following from within PingID mobile app:

  • Verify your phone number or email address. A code is sent to the phone number or email address that you provide.
  • Provide a live selfie.
  • Scan your ID, such as a passport, government-issued ID card, or driver license.
  • Provide a recording of your voice.

The use of a live selfie and other security verification checks prevents anyone that might attempt to obtain your details fraudulently from being able to do so.

The tasks you are asked to do vary depending on the organization making the verification request.

Which IDs are valid?

Many types of IDs from locations across the world are acceptable forms of identification. Typically, these include any government-issued identity document with a photo such as:

  • ID cards
  • Passports or passport cards
  • Driver licenses
  • Residence permits or visas
If your ID is not on this list, you can check with the employer making the verification request to see if they can accept it.

How do you secure my personal information?

Verification establishes a chain of trust between you and your employer. When this trust relationship is established, it reduces the likelihood of unauthorized individuals accessing your personal account or impersonating your digital identity.

During the verification process, your personal identifiable information (PII) is securely stored by Ping Identity for a limited time period of no more than 30 minutes, and information is only shared with your employer if they are permitted to access it. After the verification is completed, Ping Identity only stores the status of the verification request, and all PII used in the verification request is deleted.

What information is shared with my employer during the verification process?

Any of the information that appears on your ID and details of your phone number, email address, and voice sample will be shared with your employer if requested for verification purposes.

How do I start verifying my identity?

When an employer wants you to verify your identity, they will show you a QR Code or send you one by email or SMS.

From your mobile device, you'll need to download the PingID mobile app and use it to scan the QR code.

To enroll and verify your ID, see How to verify your identity