To authenticate using PingID mobile app, make sure:
  • Your Apple Mac is running Mac OS v10.13 or later.
  • You have paired your mobile device (Android or iOS).

If you don't have internet access from your mobile device temporarily, you can still authenticate using PingID mobile app by generating a one-time passcode (OTP). The one-time passcode is unique, and can only be used once. Only the one-time passcode that appears on your device at the time that you sign on to your account is valid for authentication.


You'll only be able to view and use the one-time passcode if permitted by your organization's policy.

  1. Sign on to your Mac machine.

    A screen capture of the Mac login page
    The Authenticating window opens, and an authentication notification request is sent to your mobile device.

    Screenshot of the Authentication window showing the passcode field.

  2. On your mobile device, open the PingID mobile app and enter the one-time passcode into the passcode field on the authentication screen. Press Enter.
    • When opening PingID mobile app, update your location permissions to Allow all the time, if prompted to do so.
    • The one-time passcode refreshes each time you open the PingID app. To generate a new one-time passcode, tap New Passcode.

    Screenshot of PingID mobile app showing a one-time passcode.

    You're signed on to your Mac machine.

    A screen capture of the Mac login desktop following successful sign on.