If you have a smart watch paired with your mobile device, with the PingID mobile app installed,you can receive authentication notifications to your smart watch, in parallel with your mobile device. You can then authenticate without taking your mobile device out of your pocket.

If you're using an Apple Watch, download the app to your smart watch so that you can access an OTP (one-time passcode) from your Apple Watch


The ability to authenticate using a smart watch varies according to your device model and configuration.

  1. If your mobile device is locked or inactive and you have a smart watch, when you sign on, a notification appears on your smart watch, as well as your mobile device. Swipe up to view the message, and then tap Yes.
    Smart Watch showing the PingID mobile app notification, asking 'Are you trying to sign on to PingOne', and the Yes and No buttons.
  2. If you see three numbers displayed on your smart watch, your organization also requires you to authenticate by number matching. To complete authentication, select the number on your smart watch that matches the number displayed on the Authentication screen.

You'll see the green check mark, indicating authentication is successful and you're signed in to your account.