If you do not have access to manage your devices from the My Devices page, contact your organization's helpdesk to ask your administrator to help you to unpair the device.

If your device is lost, broken, or stolen, and you do not have another device paired with your account, see A lost, broken, or stolen device situation.

You can unpair devices from your account portal My Devices page.


If you remove all your paired devices, you might be blocked the next time you try to sign on (unless your organization's configuration allows users to register a new device during authentication).

  1. Access your My Devices page:
    • During authentication: When the Authentication window opens, click Settings.
    • From your organization portal: Sign on to your account and in the Avatar menu, click Devices.
    • From a link provided by your IT department.
    • (VPN only): From the Devices link that appears on your VPN landing page or that you received from your organization.

    The My Devices window opens and lists the devices and their Authentication Type paired with your account. The primary device has a green highlight and the Primary switch is toggled to the on position.

    A screen capture of the My Devices page with a listing of the current devices and their authentication types and an indication of the primary device on the account.
  2. Click the Expand icon (Screen capture of the Expand Icon) next to the device you want to remove.

    A message asking you to authenticate with your primary (default) authentication device might appear.

  3. Click the Delete icon.

    A dialog appears asking to confirm your removal request.

  4. To confirm the removal, click the Remove button.

    The device is removed and no longer appears in the My Devices list. If the device was defined as your primary device, the next device appearing in the My Devices list is assigned as the primary device by default.

  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for each device you want to unpair.

    If you are unable to unpair a device, contact your administrator.