To unpair your desktop application, complete the following processes:

  1. Unpair the local desktop app on your machine.
  2. Unpair the desktop app service linked to your account.

If you unpair while online (connected to the internet), steps 1 and 2 are done at the same time. If you are offline, you need to unpair the desktop application service separately. If you have more than one device paired to your account, you can do this from your Devices page, otherwise contact your customer support, who will do it for you.


If you have more than one organization paired to the desktop application and you want to unpair a single organization, see Unpairing an organization from PingID desktop app.

  1. Open the desktop application and, if prompted, enter your PIN.

    A screen capture of the PingID passcode results and the options to Copy or Refresh.

    If you forget your PIN code, see Resetting your desktop app PIN code.

  2. Click the Gear () icon.

    A screen capture of the PingID pairing page displaying the My Organizations and Change PIN sections with the options to Unpair or Send Logs.
    A list of the organizations paired with the desktop app displays.
  3. Click Unpair.
  4. To confirm your selection, click Unpair.
    If your machine is online, all organizations associated with your account are unpaired and the process is complete.

    If your machine is offline, the following message is displayed, and you need to complete the next step to complete the unpairing process.

    A screen capture of the Device Not Connected message asking you to confirm your request to unpair PingID from your device with the options to Continue or Cancel.
  5. If you are unpairing the desktop application while offline, choose from the following options:
    • If you are able to connect to the network, or access a WiFi connection, click Cancel, connect, and then start the unpairing process again.
    • If you have more than one device paired with your account, go to your Devices page and unpair the PingID desktop service. For more information, see Unpairing a device.
    • If you do not have more than one device paired with your account, contact customer support to unpair the desktop application from your list of paired PingID devices.