You'll need to register your biometrics on your device and then pair your Android device so you can authenticate using biometrics.
  • Biometrics authentication is only available if the option is enabled by your organization.
  • The authentication process may vary slightly depending on the Android version and the notification settings on your device. (The images shown here relate to a Samsung device. Actual implementation may vary according to device model.)
  • Some Android devices do not support face or iris authentication with PingID. If you are not able to authenticate with face or iris authentication, we recommend using fingerprint authentication (see also Troubleshooting PingID authentication). 
  1. Sign in to your account, or access the application that requires authentication. You'll see the Authenticating screen, and an authentication notification request is sent to your device.

    Authenticating screen, showing an authentication request has been sent to your phone, and the system is awaiting a response. The Change Device button is also shown, if applicable.

  2. Accept the authentication notification, depending on your mobile's notification settings:
    • If you see the notification screen appears, slide the notification down until you see the option to approve or deny the request, and then tap Approve.
      A screen capture of the notification screen including a map showing the location, device type, and browser used by the accessing device, and the option to Approve or Deny the authentication request.
      • If configured by your organization, you'll see a map on the notification screen, showing the location, device type, and browser used by the device attempting to accessing your account or app. This can help you identify a fraudulent authentication attempt.
      • For Android version 10 and higher, you must unlock your device to authenticate.
    • If PingID mobile app opens, authenticate using your biometrics.
      screen capture of the biometrics authentication screen on a mobile device
    • Note: When opening PingID mobile app, update your location permissions to Allow all the time, if prompted to do so.
  3. You might be asked to authenticate by number matching. If so, you'll see a number on the Authentication screen and you'll need to open PingID mobile app, and select the same number. If you don't see the option, skip this step.
    PingID mobile app showing a list of numbers and a message asking you to select the number that matches the number displayed in the authentication screen, or Deny the authentication request
You'll see the green checkmark on your mobile indicating your access is approved, and PingID closes.
A screen capture of the green Authenticated message with a check mark indicating successful authentication and your access is approved.