Pair your device with PingID mobile app to enable authentication. For more information, see (legacy) Pairing PingID mobile app for iPhone (using a QR code or pairing code) or Adding and reordering devices.
  1. Sign on to your Windows laptop or desktop machine.
    • If your organization has eliminated passwords: Under Sign-in options, click the PingID icon, and then click the arrow.
    • If your organization requires a username and password: Under Sign-in options, click the key icon and enter your username and password and then click the arrow key.
    Windows Login sign on window
    The Authenticating on... window appears, and an authentication notification request is sent to your mobile device.

    A screen capture of the Authenticating On... window.

  2. Accept the authentication notification, depending on your mobile's notification settings:
    • If your device is locked, long press the notification until it shows the option to approve or deny the request, and then tap Approve.
    • If your device is unlocked, pull down the notification until it shows the option to Approve or Deny the request, and then tap Approve.
      Note: If configured by your organization, you'll see a map on the notification screen, showing the location, device type, and browser used by the device attempting to accessing your account or app. This can help you identify a fraudulent authentication attempt.