To authenticate using PingID mobile app, make sure:
  • Your Apple Mac is running Mac OS v10.13 or later.
  • You have registered biometrics on your iPhone, such as fingerprints or FaceID.
  • You have paired your iOS device (iPhone, or iPad) from a browser on a different machine (not your Mac).

Authenticating using your device biometrics is simple using PingID mobile app. Authentication varies slightly depending on your phone model, phone settings, and whether your device is locked or unlocked when the authentication request is sent.


Biometrics authentication is only available if the option is enabled by your organization.

  1. Sign on to your Mac machine.

    The Authenticating window opens, and an authentication notification request is sent to your mobile device.

  2. Accept the authentication notification, depending on your mobile's notification settings:
    • If your device is locked, long press the notification until it shows the option to approve or deny the request, and then tap Approve.
    • If your device is unlocked, pull down the notification until it shows the option to Approve or Deny the request, and then tap Approve.
      Note: If configured by your organization, you'll see a map on the notification screen, showing the location, device type, and browser used by the device attempting to accessing your account or app. This can help you identify a fraudulent authentication attempt.
      A screen capture of the PingID mobile app notification lock screen, asking if you are trying to sign on. The notification is marked Time Sensitive and shows a location map, area information, and device information, with Yes or No, it's not me buttons.
    • If your mobile phone is unlocked and PingID is open, you'll be prompted to authenticate with your biometrics.
      • Face ID: Tap the message asking you to authorize scanning with Face ID, if prompted, or your face is scanned automatically.
      • Fingerprint: To scan your fingerprint, touch the Home button lightly.

    The green Authenticated screen appears with a check mark, indicating successful authentication.

    A screen capture of the green Authenticated message with a check mark indicating successful authentication and your access is approved.
You're signed on to your Mac machine.