Pair your device with PingID mobile app to enable authentication. For more information, see (legacy) Pairing PingID mobile app for iPhone (using a QR code or pairing code) or Adding and reordering devices.
  1. Sign on to your Windows laptop or desktop machine.
    • If your organization has eliminated passwords: Under Sign-in options, click the PingID icon, and then click the arrow.
    • If your organization requires a username and password: Under Sign-in options, click the key icon and enter your username and password and then click the arrow key.
    Windows Login sign on window
    The Authenticating on... window appears. This is where you enter the OTP after it has been generated in the app.

    A screen capture of the OTP window, showing the 6 cells in which you enter the OTP after it's generated in PingID mobile app

  2. On the device you use for MFA, open the PingID app, and get the one-time passcode that is displayed.
    A screen capture of the one-time passocde displayed in the PingID mobile app.
    • When opening PingID mobile app, update your location permissions to Allow all the time, if prompted to do so.
    • The one-time passcode refreshes each time you open the PingID app. If you need to generate a new one-time passcode, tap New Passcode.

  3. Return to the Authentication window on your Windows computer, enter the passcode, and click Sign In.
    MFA is complete, and you are signed on to your Windows computer.