Setting up MFA might vary slightly depending on the device you are using.

If your organization requires authentication by biometrics, you must set up biometrics recognition on your device.

  1. From your web browser or application, sign on to your VPN with your username and password.
    A message appears, asking you to install the PingID app and displays your pairing key. You need the pairing key for step 4.
  2. From your mobile device:
    1. Go to the App Store.
    2. Search for PingID.
    3. Tap Install.

    If you have antivirus software installed, you might receive a message that PingID is seeking root access to your device. If so, select Yes or Trust.

  3. After the installation is complete, on your device, tap Open.
    1. The first time you access PingID, to accept the Terms of Service, tap Accept. A message opens telling you to accept all PingID permission requests, including notification requests, and camera permissions when prompted to do so.
    2. Tap I understand. The Welcome to PingID information window opens, giving you an introduction to the PingID mobile app and how it works.
    3. Tap Continue, and then tap Allow and OK to accept all camera and location permission requests from PingID.
  4. Tap Enter Pairing Key Manually and enter the pairing key. Tap Pair Device.

    The Complete Your Profile screen opens on your device.

  5. If your admin requires you to add a PIN code, you'll be asked to create your own unique 4- or 6-digit PIN.
    • If you are required to create a PIN code, you'll need to enter it every time you authenticate with the PingID mobile app.
    • Your PIN code must include at least 3 or 4 different digits for PIN lengths of 4 and 6 digits, respectively, and you can't choose digits that are in ascending or descending sequence, such as 1234.
  6. If you have not already enabled location settings, a popup appears, asking you to allow PingID to use your location. Choose from the following options:

    The exact wording of the message, and the number of popups presented may differ depending on the OS version that your device is running.

    • (Recommended) Allow all the time: Always allow PingID to access location. Your company's security policy may require you to allow access to location to authenticate, even when the PingID mobile app is closed, so this option is recommended.
    • Allow only while using this app: Only allow PingID to access your location when using the PingID mobile app.
    • Only this time: Allow PingID to access your location for this authentication request only.
    • Deny: Do not allow the PingID mobile app to access your location.
  7. Enter a nickname for your device, optionally add a picture, and then tap Done.

    Your device is paired and a one-time passcode (OTP) is displayed on your device.

  8. After your device is paired, on the VPN sign-on page, type OK.

    A push notification is sent to your mobile device.

  9. When prompted, authenticate on your mobile device.

    The pairing process is complete. The next time you sign on to your VPN with your username and password, you are prompted to authenticate on your device. For help with troubleshooting issues, see Troubleshooting PingID authentication.