PingID can be used as a second factor of authentication when signing on to your Apple Mac machine.

When you sign on to your Mac laptop or desktop machine, you'll be asked to authenticate.

Diagram showing the flow signing on to your Mac and authenticating with PingID.

You can authenticate using:

  • Your iOS or Android device: Authenticate using the PingID app on your mobile device with swipe, fingerprint authentication, Apple Watch, or a one-time passcode. You can also use the PingID mobile app to authenticate manually when offline.
  • Authenticator app: Generate a one-time passcode using an authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator.
  • YubiKey: Connect your YubiKey to your machine and then tap to generate a one-time passcode.
  • SMS or voice: You'll be sent a one-time passcode (OTP) by SMS or by voice call.
  • Email: You'll be sent a one-time passcode by email.
  • Hardware token: You are asked for a one-time passcode, which you copy from your hardware token.

To benefit from secure, multi-factor authentication using PingID, first you need to pair (connect) your device with your account.