I cannot take a selfie

If you’re having trouble taking a selfie, in PingID mobile app, try the following:
  • Move to an environment with good lighting.

  • Make sure there’s nothing blocking your face.

  • Position the camera directly in front of your face.

  • Move the camera farther from or closer to frame to:
    • Position your face in the center of the oval.
    • Make sure all of your face appears inside the oval.
  • Make sure your camera doesn’t move while you are taking the selfie.

If you’re still unable to take a selfie, contact your employer’s support team.

I cannot capture my ID

Place the ID on a flat surface and hold the camera horizontally over the ID, and then make sure that:
  • All four corners of the ID are visible by the camera, and in focus.

  • The camera is steady when taking the picture.

  • You’re in an environment with good lighting.

  • There’s no glare on the ID.

  • Nothing is blocking the ID, including your fingers.

  • Make sure you are using a permitted ID. You can use a government-issued identity document with a photo to verify your ID, such as an:
    • ID card
    • Passport or passport card
    • Driver license
    • Residence permit or visa
    If your ID is not on this list, you can check with the employerorganization making the verification request to see if they can accept it.

Why did my ID verification fail?

There are various reasons that verification may fail, including:
  • The ID type that you presented is not accepted by the employer or is not a supported ID type.
  • The image quality is too poor for the selfie or ID captured.
  • The ID document is not readable, the ID is damaged, or the ID barcode is damaged.

  • Some employers do not accept expired IDs.

The criteria for verification can vary between employers. For more specific information, contact the employer that is making the verification request.

How do I know if my verification request was successful?

The next steps after completing identity verification vary depending on the employer and the action you’re trying to complete. If you are unsure how to proceed, contact the employer for more guidance.