You must have administrator privileges to install PingID desktop updates on your Windows machine.

Keep the PingID desktop application updated to ensure you have access to the latest updates, security features, and fixes. When you launch the desktop application, it checks if there's a new version of the software available. If automatic updates are enabled, your application is updated automatically. If automatic updates are not enabled, you can check for updates manually, or you will be notified that an update is available when you want to download and install the update.


If your organization's policy allows it, you can choose whether updates are installed manually or automatically, otherwise the option is disabled and will not be visible to you. To activate automatic updates, launch the desktop application, and go to Help > Automatic Updates.

  1. Launch the PingID desktop application.

    The application automatically checks for updates.

  2. To manually check for updates, go to Menu > Help > Check for Updates...

    A screen capture illustrating a PingID software update window.
    If an update is available, the Software Update window shows you the software version number and the release notes, describing details of changes and new features.
  3. From the Software Update window, select from the following options.
    • Update: Download the update
    • Skip: Skip the update
    • Enable automatic updates (optional): Select to automatically scan for updates in the future. When an update is available, it is downloaded automatically and proceeds to the Install and Relaunch window.
  4. Once the update is downloaded, click Install and Relaunch.

    Image showing the install progress window as complete and the Install and Relaunch button as available.
    The old version of PingID desktop app closes, and the PingID setup wizard opens.
  5. In the License Agreement window, select I accept the agreement and click Next.

    A screen capture illustrating the PingID setup license agreement.
    A bar displays the installation progress. When the installation is complete, the desktop application reopens automatically, showing the current one-time passcode.

    After a desktop application update, you might be required to create a PIN code to secure your desktop application and then enter it each time you access the application.