An Application Administrator can access only those PingOne admin portal pages associated with their assigned management permissions.

  1. Go to Account > Administrators.
  2. Expand the entry for the relevant Application Administrator and click the Edit icon.
  3. Click the Delegated Administration tab to add or edit an application.
  4. Click the Add Application button.
    The list of applications is displayed. You can assign more than one Application Administrator to an application.
  5. Click the add icon for each application you want the Application Administrator to manage. When you're finished click Save.
    The applications now assigned to the Application Administrator are displayed with the currently unassigned management permissions.
  6. For each application on the list, select or clear the checkboxes for the management permissions you want to assign to the Application Administrator. The available management permissions are:
    • Full Control. Assigns all of the displayed management permissions to the administrator. The admin portal pages My Applications, Users, Certificates, and Reporting will be available to the administrator.
    • Edit. Assigns the ability to edit the application configuration, including updating the application certificates. The admin portal pages My Applications and Certificates will be available to the administrator.
    • Policy. Assigns the ability to define policy for the selected application, including assigning the application to groups for access control. The administrator can also enable or disable the application (removing group access to the application). The admin portal pages My Applications, Users, and Certificates will be available to the administrator.
    • Report. Assigns the ability to run and view reports for the application. The admin portal Reporting page will be available to the administrator.
    • View. Assigns the administrator read-only permissions for the application configuration. The admin portal page My Applications will be available to the administrator.
    Note: You can assign multiple Application Administrators to an application, assigning different management permissions to each administrator. You can also choose to assign multiple administrators the same management permissions.
    Note: You can select Default Permissions that will apply to every new application assigned to this administrator. You can change these permissions for individual applications after you add them.
  7. Click Save when you're finished.
    The applications will be displayed on the My Applications page for the Application Administrator.