1. On the Review Setup tab, on the SAML Metadata line, click Download to download the metadata file.
  2. Click Finish to add Coupa to your PingOne Dock.
  3. Send an email to inform your Coupa representative that you want to enable SSO. Include the following information.
    • The SAML metadata file you downloaded, attached to the email.
    • A login URL. The login URL should be in the following format.
      • Replace <Issuer> with the Issuer value on the Review Setup tab.
      • Replace <your_site> with the complete URL of your site as registered at Coupa.
    • A logout page URL. Consider using the PingOne dashboard URL, which you can find in the Configure Single Sign-on box on your PingOne Dashboard.
    • Test user. Coupa needs a test user name and password to test SSO functionality.
  4. Sign on to Coupa.
  5. Go to Setup > Company Setup > Security Controls.
    1. Check the Log in using SAML check box.
    2. In the Login Page URL field, enter the login URL that you emailed to your Coupa representative.
    3. In the Logout Page URL field, enter the logout page URL that you emailed to your Coupa representative.
    4. In the Timeout URL, enter the same URL as the Logout Page URL.
    5. In the Certificate field, upload the signing certificate that you downloaded in Adding Coupa to Your PingOne for Enterprise Dock.
  6. Save your configuration in Coupa.