If you don't need to set up user provisioning, proceed to Ultimate Software Attribute Mapping.

If you selected Set Up Provisioning on the Connection configuration tab:

  1. Email your Ultimate Software representative and ask them to configure provisioning for your account.
  2. After your representative confirms the provisioning configuration, clickContinue to Next Step.
  3. In a separate tab or window, sign on to your Ultimate Software account.
  4. In Ultimate Software, go to System Admin > Web Services.
  5. In PingOne, enter the following information:
    1. In the Username field, enter the username for your Ultimate Software account.
    2. In the Password and Repeat Password fields, enter your Ultimate Software account password.
    3. In the User API Key, Client API Key, and Login Service Endpoint, enter the corresponding values from the Ultimate Software Web Services page.
Click Continue to Next Step.