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If you don't need to set up user provisioning, proceed to Salesforce Attribute Mapping.

If you selected Set Up Provisioning on the Connection configuration tab:

  1. In PingOne, click Continue to Next Step to proceed to the Application Configuration tab.
  2. Chose how Salesforce will deprovision:
    • Select the FREEZE_USER_FLAG check box to freeze a deprovisioned user account.
    • Leave the check box clear to deactivate a deprovisioned user account.
  3. In the SUBDOMAIN field, your Salesforce subdomain
    If your Salesforce URL is example.my.salesforce.com, your subdomain is example.my.
  4. From the PERMISSION_SET_MANAGEMENT list, select how to handle permission sets provisioned from PingOne to Salesforce:
    • Select Merge with permission sets in Salesforce to add provisioned PingOne user permissions to existing permission sets in Salesforce.
    • Select Overwrite permission sets in Salesforce to overwrite permissions in Salesforce with the provisioned permissions from PingOne.
  5. Click Continue to Next Step.
  6. On the Connection Configuration tab, click Activate.
    PingOne opens the Salesforce sign-on page in a pop-up window.
  7. Sign on to Salesforce as an administrative user.
  8. Click Allow.
In PingOne, click Continue to Next Step.