1. In the PingOne for Enterprise admin console, go to Applications > Application Catalog.
  2. Optional: In the Search field, search for the application.
  3. Click the Office 365 application line to expand it and click Setup.
  4. On the SSO Instructions tab, click Continue to Next Step.
  5. On the Basic Information tab:
    1. Copy the values for the following settings:
      • Issuer URI
      • Passive Log On URI
      • Active Log On URI
      • Log Off URI
      • Metadata Exchange URI
    2. Click Download to download the signing certificate.
    3. Click Continue to Next Step.
  6. On the Connection Configuration tab, select the Force Re-authentication check box to force users with an active single sign-on (SSO) session to reauthenticate before using Microsoft 365.

    Reauthentication ensures that active sessions don't cause problems with Microsoft 365 SSO.

Click Continue to Next Step.