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If you don't need to set up user provisioning, proceed to Github.com Attribute Mapping.

If you selected Set Up Provisioning on the Connection configuration tab:

  1. In PingOne, clickContinue to Next Step.
  2. In the BASE_URL field, enter you base URL.
    The base URL format is https://api.github.com/scim/v2/organizations/<organization name>.

    For information on finding your organization name, see Accessing an organization in the Github documentation.

  3. Generate and enter your OAuth access token.
    1. Obtain your Github client ID and client secret.
      For more information, see Obtain client ID and secret from Github in the Ping documentation.
    2. Go to the Ping OAuth Configuration Service and generate your access token.
      For more information about generating tokens, see Generate OAuth access tokens in the Ping documentation.
    3. In PingOne, in the OAUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN field, enter your access token.
Click Continue to Next Step.