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PingOne for Enterprise
PingOne for Enterprise

If you don't need to set up user provisioning, proceed to Lucidchart Attribute Mapping.

If you selected Set Up Provisioning on the Connection configuration tab:

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  2. Obtain your Lucidchart base URL and bearer token.
    1. In a separate tab or window, sign on to your Lucidchart account as an administrative user.
    2. In Lucidchart, go to Team > App Integration > SCIM.
    3. Click Generate Token.
      Lucidchart will display your Base URL and Bearer Token values.
  3. In PingOne, in the BASE_URL field, enter your Lucidchart base URL.
  4. In the BEARER_TOKEN field, enter your bearer token value.
  5. From the REMOVE_ACTION list, select the action Lucidchart will take when you delete or disable a user in PingOne.
    • Select Disable to have Lucidchart disable a user that you have disabled or deleted in PingOne.
    • Select Delete to have Lucidchart delete a user that you have disabled deleted in PingOne.
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