If you don't need to set up user provisioning, proceed to Lucidchart Attribute Mapping.

If you selected Set Up Provisioning on the Connection configuration tab:

  1. Click Continue to Next Step.
  2. Obtain your Lucidchart base URL and bearer token.
    1. In a separate tab or window, sign on to your Lucidchart account as an administrative user.
    2. In Lucidchart, go to Team > App Integration > SCIM.
    3. Click Generate Token.
      Lucidchart will display your Base URL and Bearer Token values.
  3. In PingOne, in the BASE_URL field, enter your Lucidchart base URL.
  4. In the BEARER_TOKEN field, enter your bearer token value.
  5. From the REMOVE_ACTION list, select the action Lucidchart will take when you delete or disable a user in PingOne.
    • Select Disable to have Lucidchart disable a user that you have disabled or deleted in PingOne.
    • Select Delete to have Lucidchart delete a user that you have disabled deleted in PingOne.
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