Any client applications that are to access the PingOne for Enterprise Directory for your account must use the directory API credentials assigned to your account. These credentials are displayed on the Credentials page, and consist of the Client ID and API Key for your account. The Client ID setting is tied to your account and cannot be changed. You need to be either a Global Administrator or Identity Repository Administrator to renew the API key. If necessary, you can also generate a new API key.

The API Credentials page isn't accessible for PingOne for Enterprise trial accounts.

The locations of the Directory API are:

Note: We implement rate limiting on PingOne for Enterprise Directory APIs to maintain a high quality of service for all our customers. Rate limiting restricts any one API client from flooding PingOne for Enterprise Directory APIs with an unusually high amount of traffic, which could affect usage of PingOne for Enterprise Directory by other customers. If a customer reaches the defined rate limit, the PingOne for Enterprise Directory API responds with a 429 HTTP status code (Too Many Requests).

If your integration hits the rate limit, you will need to reduce the rate at which your API client is making requests in order to complete any further API calls successfully. The enforcement of an API rate limit is standard practice for SaaS services. If rate limits are negatively affecting your usage of the PingOne for Enterprise Directory API, please contact our support team, so we can review your integration.

  1. Go to Setup > Directory Settings > API Credentials.
  2. To generate a new API key:
    1. Click Edit to switch to Edit mode.
    2. Click Renew to generate a new API key, then click Save.
For more information about creating API requests, see the PingOne for Enterprise Directory API documentation.